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LogMeIn, Inc. is a provider of software as a service and cloud-based remote connectivity services for collaboration, IT management and customer engagement, founded in 2003 and based in Boston, Massachusetts. The company's products give users and administrators access to remote computers.

A former technical support specialist mentioned, "LogMeIn does a lot of outsourcing and will replace any employee regardless of years with the company, education, experience, etc. If they can hire someone for less money they will replace you in a heartbeat! No loyalty to their employees."


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"LogMeIn does not treat its employees with respect, especially if you are over the age of 30 and worse if you are a woman. Compare the stock performance to Zoom - it says it all."

Current Employee - SSE says

"I see all Cons in this company."

Former Employee - Engineer says

"Executive leadership was way, way, way out of their league in thinking they could operate at 3,000+ employees after acquiring Jive, and before that, GetGo. Arrogance, greed, and buffoonery at the VP+ level in Boston drove all the quality people away (whether by hostility, neglect, or layoff), and also drove the company into the ground. It's absolutely stunning to see Francisco Partners take over after so many quarters of lost marketshare to Zoom and other far better teams, and for LMI to have pretty much zero global brandshare in the age of Covid-19. Pathetic."

Former Employee - Senior Software Engineer says

"Lot of layoffs and office closures over the past couple of years, losing market position in key products... Uncertainty after takeover by private investors 2019.. Often changing benefits/policies that results in salary reduction..."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Yearly layoffs to close US office sites. Probably fine if you work in Germany or Hungary. Otherwise, it’s just a matter of time."


"An executive leadership team that astonishingly remains the same despite its capitulation to private equity for about 2/3rds of its peak market cap. Talent has left, the respected leaders have left and all that remains is a company that will be carved up, sold off or synergized with other portfolio companies of the PE firm. I wish the rank and file the best."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Layoffs and constant fear of being laid off"


"LogMeIn does a lot of outsourcing and will replace any employee regardless of years with the company, education, experience, etc. If they can hire someone for less money they will replace you in a heartbeat! No loyalty to their employees."

Data Analyst (Former Employee) says

"I was treated poorly as a temp. Pay was low, and the work was mind-numbing. There was no room for growth. I received no support from my manager. He was not adult enough to shake my hand on my last day. It was a dehumanizing experience.NothingMy manager was cruel"

Senior Marketing Program Manager, B-to-B (Former Employee) says

"Non-collaborative work environment, no work/life balance, complete lack of leadership/direction/vision/strategy. A fend-for-yourself type of work place.Free snacks, nicely designed/decorated office space"

User Services Representative (Former Employee) says

"A typical day consists of denying customers of refunds or explaining the value of products price increases. Other situations also entails customers complaining about their account managers not getting back to them, ultimately to cancel their subscription. Customers may also call in about open tickets and product issues, development is extremely slow in resolving these issues. Customers will also call in because they believe they were being provided technical support from a LogMeIn staff member when truly they were scammed by someone using a LogMeIn product to steal credit card information. Middle Management is pretty untrustworthy, they will say one thing and do another. They laid people off pretty regularly. However, your co-workers are exceptional, they will take the time to help you. Most enjoyable part of the job is hmm the free snacks.Good Location, free snacksMust Drink the 'Kool-Aid' or no Growth"

Customer Support Manager (Current Employee) says

"Best place I've worked at in a long time, the people are amazing and I have made great friends while working here, everyone helps support each other. Unfortunately that's it, there's no room for growth or promotion, pay scales are the lowest in the valley, most all of our employee churn is due to low wages. If you're fine being overworked and under paid, with no recognition and no ambition this job is fine. Just stagnant."

Staff Engineer (Former Employee) says

"LastPass management is made of of inexperienced middle managers, who are desperately trying to please old-fashioned upper management... yet neither is actually very good at what they do.Free foodAbility to function as a team producing software"

Senior Support Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Prior to the merger and subsequent outsourcing it was a fun and enjoyable place to work. As the outsourcing and policy changes took place however it became far less pleasant and the moral hit rock bottom. This was a mix of so many facing layoffs and the constant reports of the new overseas team having bad, incompetent, and outright hostile interactions with the customer base.Generally had a great staff, just shortsighted management."

Technical Support Representative (Former Employee) says

"Worked as a support agent for their remote desktop software. Did not pay enough to be a position after college. Seemed like because I wasn't in the office, they kinda forget about you. However, I wasn't there long.Worked from Home"

User Services Representative (Former Employee) says

"-Inbound sales -Hard to reach location -No room for advancementBonus structureLocation"

Staff IT Systems Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Promised and offered many things yet did not deliver on them. Such as roles & responsibilities, benefits, work environment. For a company that states they are culturally diverse they are far from that! Certain management plays favorites!Benefits and work lifeNot what they say they are, management plays favorites, not cultrually diverse, management difficult to work with, unorganized, chaois at times, to many orginizational changes"

Network Support Technician (Former Employee) says

"Was hard to get started at this company the way i wanted. Sometimes the management did not assist very well in setting the proper expectations"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Has some decent perks that include unlimited PTO, great office, catered lunches and snacks. Friendly people. The culture, benefits and overall happiness downgraded upon the acquisition. The management had a bullying mentality defensiveness and retaliation for different opinions. The pay is below average and they raises are meager.Has some decent perks that include unlimited PTO, great office, catered lunches and snacks. Friendly people.Culture, benefits, happiness, management"

Senior Regional Channel Sales Engineer (Current Employee) says

"SInce Jive was purchased by Logmein in 2018, everything has went downhill. The CEO Bill Wagner needs to figure out which direction the company is going.Free bagels on WednesdaysNo Management structure. CEO needs to decide what direction he wants to take the company."

Product Specialist (Current Employee) says

"Good company if you want to work in Boston Culture Great HackWeek program A lot of great products Free meals once in a while Santa Barbara office is not as updated as Boston"

User Services Representative (Former Employee) says

"Let me start out by being as positive as I can about LogMeIn. They are easily the coolest company I have ever worked for. Inside their main Boston headquarters, they have created what can only be described as a mini-google atmosphere with an on site gym, tons of free snacks, coffee, meals, games and even craft beer cart Fridays. LMI creates a unique sense of culture and every coworker seems to really enjoy helping out everyone around them. I have worked at 10 other companies in my life and have never seen a group of men and women more dedicated to helping out each other with tough phone calls/tech support. With all that said, the management team is completely lacking. It almost seems like they don't care about whether you succeed at the position or not. Rather than approach you and tell you to work on certain things or do something differently, they'll just lay you off without any notice. They brought in over 100 temp to permanent User Service Reps to handle tough calls with disgruntled customers regarding price increases and issues with tech support. Everything you do is tracked. Among the statistics that are tracked include: amount of phone and email tickets resolved, average call time, average wait time, average work time, new sales, renewal sales and cancellation defends. During my time at LMI, I was in the middle of the pack in terns of total tickets handled but was still laid off without notice. I believe that this is because I did not receive enough sales for them to see value in keeping me. However in my defense, of all the calls/emails I handled, less than 5% ofCoworkers, Free Snacks, Gym, CultureJob Insecurity, Management Structure, Educating Employees, Unrealistic Expectations"

Unknown (Current Employee) says

"Since the merger the company's culture has suffered. Upper management seem like they don't have a clue on the high employee churn. They seem like they don't care that people are leaving and HR is no help. There are caps on salaries and job mobility within the company is a joke."

Account Executive (Current Employee) says

"New management changes, good place for first time sales reps. Change in pay and ROE's are consistent. Good location to downtown tempe for lunch and events"

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"The environment is fun and the activities they have within the job are fun. But for the amount of work the pay should be more. The Managers at the company are pretty chill."

Field Sales Rep (Former Employee) says

"El trabajo, sus sueldos y comisiones esta excelente y divertido, ya que involucra contacto constante con clientes en persona y por telefono para lograr hacer ventas. Sin embargo, tienen a un equipo gerencia muy pobre. Uno es un joven que tiene tendencias despoticas e inseguridades que con frecuencia actua en maneras indebidas. El otro tiene perfil de ingeniero y no de gerente y se le dificulta dar direccion a la empresa. A pesar de esto, se aprende mucho en el ambito de ventas de software."

Information Security Operations Analyst (Current Employee) says

"Good place to start out in the IT and Tech field. Lot of veteran engineers willing to teach and help you grow. Workplace is respectable with a lot of outside work events to attend. Advancement inside the company however is non existent. There is no growth once you are inside the company. The company as a whole are only interested in the bottom line and not their employees or customers. I was part of their 8% layoff that was recently announced. If not for the great people that I worked with daily this would have been a different review."

customer #987987986876 says

"Super slow remote connections. F these guys. Not useful when needed. Leaving ASAP."

Former Customter says

"Might be the worst product support of all time. Been in IT for over 20 years and they are right up their with AT&T and bad support. You\'d think they want to keep customers but really don\'t as I tried to renew (stupid me) and the account reps never responded to emails or calls. If your a current customer, move to another provider ASAP."

Patrick says

"Billing is horrible and now getting a human to talk to about it is hours. RUN from these sharks!"

Chad Simon says

"This company will not respond to my email to cancel a subscription so I can get a refund. Can't get a human on the phone! Will have to go the route of disputing CC charge. Terrible customer service to ignore emails when you don't have a human to speak with."

Eduardo Dias says

"I used Hamachi with a paid subscription for almost 10 years, with small issues till now, when I tried to change the associated card for payment. I couldn't do it, and ask support to delete it for me, and they didn't. After two weeks of email exchange no solution was given to me."

Sue Kirk says

"Such a rip off - no way of cancelling that I can find. I wasn't even aware that I had signed up for this. If there is anyone human at Logmein please let me know how I can cancel"

Albert says

"I cannot recommend LogMeIn products. - not innovative enough - copying other solutions and competitors - bad quality and performance issues You will have issues with all their products. (GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar, GoToTraining, LastPass, Central...)"

Jasmine Chin says

"No star! We have cancelled subscription to end of last year and now in October slapped with an outstanding bill to pay! Tried to see if I could speak to someone but no contact number to be found. Intercom chat box doesn't recognise 'invoice', 'payment' keywords! Going ignore this bill, such a waste of my time!"

Jeff Doleweerd says

"Impossible to cancel. No place online to cancel your subscription. They removed it. Had to dispute the charge with credit card company."

Mur says

"Not only has the price tripled over the past few years but they have exploited the COVID crisis. After charging us in March, they relayed there is a 30 day cap on ALL refunds. Given the recent effects on COVID on most businesses, including ours, this was a clear case of profiting from a pandemic. We shall never do business with this company again. There are just too many other remote access options out there at a fraction of the cost."

Keith Miller says

"Autorenewed this year after I thought I had cancelled after the change in ownership and price hike. Their business methods and difficulty in terminating is as near criminal as it is possible to be. I used to be a loyal customer now I treat gotomypc and logmein as scammers."

Carl-Darren Marx says

"Just had a heated exchange with an operator, asking why i received an email from LogMein, 3 years after i asked for my account to be closed. The email said someone was trying to access my account. I rang LogMeIn and the advisor said it was "illegal" to close my account. LogMeIn used to be the best company for remote access, but now they are a joke. We use ScreenConnect and have done for over 2 years without issue. I have been informed a form will be sent to me to try and get the account closed. Waste of time."

IRM Pullman Library says

"The App does. not. work. It hasn't for weeks. Support replied once - for a error message they claimed "was very unusual". And I've heard nothing back. Their support is intentionally VERY well insulated - you have get a ticket, then call then sit in queue hell for long periods of time - all to talk to someone who, frankly, does not understand how the product is used. Frustrating - esp. when paying a high price for it."

Jon Fish says

"Like many other recent reviewers, my experience with LogMeIn (coming from LastPass) has convinced me their business model is now "scam." I canceled my LastPass Premium subscription in April 2020, shortly before it otherwise would have renewed. Or at least I thought I did. In July 2020, 3 months after my LastPass sub lapsed, they billed me. I contacted them (you can't get a real person on the phone, so you're relegated to chat/email for support), and they responded that they would make sure the cancellation stuck and would refund my money within 5-7 banking days. Two weeks later, nothing, so I disputed the transaction with my bank, my bank gave me a temporary credit, and still not a peep (or a refund) from LogMeIn. They're nothing more than a scam at this point, billing people randomly and hoping you won't notice... stay away."

Dave Gordon says

"Cancelling my subscription is a nightmare. Clearly designed to be difficult, knowing some businesses will avoid the fuss and keep on paying. Shame on them."

Julie Jo Nygaard says

"Not possible to figure out where to send an email if you wish to cancel your subscription. sent multiple emails to different contacts all bounces back and the our initial contact person is not working there any more so its just a black hole."

Scott Fisher says

"Logmein took it upon themselves to renew my subscription from base to pro. It more than doubled the price. I refused to pay and to paraphrase they said to bad so sad we are not going to do anything. I have been fighting with them for several months now and no one seems to have the authority to fix or correct anything. I have emailed politely called numerous times and they either pass me around or will not pick up. This is the worst customer service I have ever experienced. They make a used car salesman look good."

Claus Moeller says

"I guess they are going out of business soon because they dont like to refund prorated fee if cancelled. Most companies does this to keep good customer service but this one does not. Glad I at least got out of it as it has increased in price by 700% and the product does not really help me."

Landrake says

"Thankfully the bank blocked the £330 they tried to take without informing me - You cant cancel your subscription online and no one answers the phone - been on hold for over 1/2 an hour - Scammers!! - Use another remote access system - I will not use again!!"

Jeff says

"A couple years ago several computers dropped off our dashboard - reason unknown. They said it's easier to build a new account then fix the old one - okay sure. We later realized that not only had they been billing us for both accounts for over a year, they arbitrarily changed our plan to one that was far more expensive and also had less seats. wth? In the end we paid about three times what we should have over two years and despite many phone calls, all they did was continually give us lame reasons why they couldn't refund us our balance due, and we still have technical problems with our original account. The best part? Each rep now repeats the same mantra: they claim they're not allowed to fix the original account we've had for years, but they will gladly open yet ANOTHER account for us, BUT we'll have to pay FULL price for it, and then they'll refund about half of that back to us. In short, we're required to pay $500 for tech support to fix a problem THEY created, on top of giving them a $1000 bonus for jacking up our account in the first place. When I expressed my confusion as to how that ridiculous plan would be remotely beneficial for us - the customer - the rep actually said to me "Look, I'm trying to help you out here". This is what LogMeIn has become - trained scammers."

Larry Burgess says

"rip off on the auto renew - they don't give any notification that your account is about to auto renew and once it has, they will not refund or pro rate - I am on a yearly rate so I got charged $348 for the year - I caught it the day it renewed and requested a cancellation and they will not refund or pro rate the subscription I think it is a total ripoff"

Oliver says

"They're keen to log you in nd good a pre-sale.... post sale is close to a disaster. I keep chasing the guy for an answer and each time their reply is another answer so they get more time... and do not fix. Disappointing."

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